For many of us, it’s the most rewarding challenge of our lives. Becoming a Mom can be fulfilling and life-affirming – it also changes us in ways we never expected.

You want to be the best Mom for your children but sometimes you just want to be you, comfortable in your femininity, successful at work, relaxed at home – an accomplished woman. Impossible, right?

Wrong. It IS possible to have it all – to make a difference, embrace your identity and have purpose outside of motherhood, all while being a fantastic Mom.


I know, because this is the life I have achieved for myself. My name is Maya, I am a mother, adventurer, life coach and self-made mompreneur. When I became a Mom, I discovered true love, but I yearned to fulfil my dreams.

Before motherhood, I traveled the world and built up a successful marketing career, living life to the fullest. Thousands of miles from my home in Poland, I put down roots in beautiful Portugal – my spirit home, where I started my family.

Arriving at a crossroads in my life some years later, I craved support and direction, struggling for 4 years to achieve the balance I so desired. A twist of fate led me to coaching – and my life was transformed. Suddenly, my dreams were within reach; coaching gave me the tools, techniques and inspiration to reclaim my life.

Now, I am a fully qualified life coach, working locally and remotely to empower mothers around the world to find balance and meaning in their lives, say goodbye to guilt, harness their entrepreneurial spirit and achieve the fulfilment we all desire.


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